Northeast Natural Energy Announces it has achieved certification through MiQ

  • NNE is the first West Virginia- based company to achieve independent certification under both the MiQ and Equitable Origin Standard
  • Certification includes all of NNE’s West Virginia production
  • NNE’s Methane Emissions performance qualifies for an “A” grade

CHARLESTON, W.Va– January 20, 2022 – Northeast Natural Energy (NNE) today announces that it has received an “A” grade and achieved certification of its natural gas production under the MiQ standard for methane emissions measurement and management.

NNE is a privately owned company founded in 2009, headquartered in Charleston, W.Va. with operations focused on dry natural gas production in north central West Virginia.

Having begun the process of seeking independent joint certification through Equitable Origin and MiQ in February 2021, NNE became the first U.S. based natural gas producer to achieve EO100™ certification in November, 2021.

“We recognize the need for transparency in our operations and embrace the accountability that comes with monitoring and limiting our methane emissions.  We are proud to be a leader in certified natural gas production in the Appalachian basin,” said Mike John, Northeast Natural Energy CEO.  “The MiQ certification validates the work we do in the field and the effort we are making to manage our methane and greenhouse gas emissions.”

MiQ, a non-profit partnership between RMI and SYSTEMIQ, is pioneering a market-based approach to rapidly reduce methane emissions across the natural gas sector. Its quantitative certification standard – the MiQ Standard – factors in methane intensity, company practices, and methane detection. The MiQ Standard embodies a commitment to transparency, accountability, technology independence, and granularity.

“It’s excellent to see another U.S. producer achieve MiQ Certification. NNE can now use this certification to credibly demonstrate the steps it takes to address methane emissions from its production in the Appalachian basin,” said Georges Tijbosch, CEO, MiQ. “We expect to see the market for MiQ certified gas to expand rapidly over the next 12 months and are looking forward to working with NNE and others to solve the crucial problem of methane emissions.

The MiQ Digital Registry launched last year. It is the global secure digital ledger in which joint MiQ-EO100TM Certificates are held from issuance to retirement. One certificate is issued per MMBtu of certified natural gas. Certificates on the MiQ Digital Registry can be traded bundled (combined with natural gas delivery) or unbundled – increasing the liquidity in the markets for sellers and buyers.


Download Official Press Release (PDF)