Report DateDecember 22, 2020
Injury Time10:00 AM
Injury Date12/17/2020
Well LeaseCoastal
CountryUnited States
911 Addressna
Weather25 degrees
Well NumberCompressor
Well FieldBlacksville
PositionWell Tender
Personnel/Witness NameMark Duley
Days Into Hitch4
Years With Company2
Years In Oil/Gas8
Personnel/Wittness Phone(304) 552-9023
Witness NameNa Na
Time LostYes

Making rounds on compressor. Taking readings and shooting valve and discharge temps.


Climbing up compressor to close off louvers to adjust discharge temps. Felt a pinch in left hip and thigh but continued working. I woke up Friday morning with pain in left thigh and hip. I worked Friday until 3:00. The pain persisted so I went home.

Mark called and said that on Tuesday he had hit is left hip on a valve at Boggess. Then on Thursday while climbing up onto Coastal compressor to open the louvers he felt a pull in his left hip. We are not sure if both instances correlate. On Thursday Mark's hip was sore and then on Friday, the hip was painful and Mark was limping around on it. He called me (John Landis) on Friday to tell me about everything that had happened. I told Mark to go home and rest up his hip.

Witness Statement


Drug TestNo
Injury LocationLeft Hip and thigh
TreatmentRest, Ice, Compression, Elevate
Proper PPEYes. Hardhat, Safety Glasses and Impact Resistant Gloves
Contributing FactorsClimbing on Compressor
Notification TimelineTexted John Landis and Steve Collins on Friday morning
Corrective ActionTall Ladder
Supervisor Phone(304) 216-6854
Supervisor EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Supervisor NameJohn Landis
HSE NameAndy Travis
Supervisor Office Phone(304) 212-0434
HSE Phone(304) 951-0809
HSE Office Phone(304) 212-0415
Comp. Man Namena na
Comp. Man EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
HSE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Comp. Man Office Phone(000) 000-0000
Comp. Man Phone(000) 000-0000
NNE NameJohn Landis
NNE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
NNE Phone(304) 216-6854
NNE Office Phone(304) 212-0434
NNE HSE NameAndy Travis
NNE HSE Office Phone(304) 212-0415
NNE HSE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
NNE HSE Number(304) 951-0909
Employee That Submitted ReportJohn Landis
Date UpdatedMarch 18, 2021
Approval StatusUnapproved
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