Report DateMarch 17, 2020
Injury Time09:00 AM
Injury Date03/13/2020
Well Leasen/a
PadPaw Paw Waterline
CountryUnited States
911 Addressn/a
Well Numbern/a
Well FieldBattelle
PositionTree Clearing Crew
CompanyReady to Haul
Personnel/Witness NameWes Brown
Days Into Hitch1
Years With Company5
Years In Oil/Gas23
Personnel/Wittness Phone(304) 231-6323
Witness NameKevin Hines
Time LostTime lost incident

"Employee was manual felling an area for the future Paw Paw waterline project with another employee approx. 500 ft apart. During one of his completed tree fells approx. 14’ an unseen loose vine that was covered in leafs got intertwined in the neighboring tree approx. 4’ splitting it in half and causing it to spring toward the employee unexpectedly as the employee was traveling away from base of tree via is exit route. The impact striking him in the left side of hard hat."


"The injured employee contacted his fellow employee for help via cell phone who was located at the current site area. Contact was made upon the initial blow from the limb to the head area. That employee in turn went to immediately assist injured and called the on -site foreman gave location details and need for means of egress. Employee was then transported by utv to a waiting pickup and then transported to the nearest hospital for medical treatment/evaluation."

Witness Statement

Kevin was clearing in the same vicinity 500'-700' away with no line of sight. He received a phone call from Wes letting him know that he had been struck. When he got to Wes, he found him sitting upright, conscious and coherent. They contacted Josh Boulet for assistance, Josh contacted Jeremy Lane. Jememy and MIke Shreve came in and removed Wes with a UTV. Kevin stated that he asked what happened and Wes was unsure.

Drug TestPost incident drug test was ordered
Injury Locationhead/neck
TreatmentObservation CT Scan Fairmont General/Ruby Memorial
Proper PPEProper PPE was in use at time of incident
Contributing FactorsVine connecting to adjacent tree
Notification TimelineImmediate Notification
Corrective ActionSafety stand down and JSA review
Supervisor Phone(740) 238-1075
Supervisor EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Supervisor NameJosh Boulet
HSE NameCody Zuk
Supervisor Office Phone(740) 238-1075
HSE Phone(304) 231-6323
HSE Office Phone(304) 231-6323
Comp. Man NameMIke Shreve
Comp. Man EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
HSE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Comp. Man Office Phone(304) 918-3050
Comp. Man Phone(304) 918-3050
NNE NameMike Shreve
NNE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
NNE Phone(304) 918-3050
NNE Office Phone(304) 918-3050
NNE HSE NameAndy Travis
NNE HSE Office Phone(304) 212-0415
NNE HSE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
NNE HSE Number(304) 951-0909
Employee That Submitted ReportAndy Travis
Date UpdatedMarch 18, 2021
Approval StatusUnapproved
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