Report DateSeptember 11, 2018
Injury Time07:45 PM
Injury Date09/10/2018
Well LeaseYost
CountryUnited States
911 Address218/Daybrook Run Rd.
Weather80 deg - Rain
Well Number11H
Well FieldBlacksville
CompanyHighlands Drilling
Personnel/Witness NameAdam Coffman
Days Into Hitch5
Years With Company0.01
Years In Oil/Gas0.01
Personnel/Wittness Phone(000) 000-0000
Witness NameAnthony Honaker
Time Lostno

Climbing a ladder out of the cellar.


Employee Adam Coffman was in the cellar making repairs to the diverter, once finished with his repair Adam was exiting the cellar up a ladder when he slipped on one of the rungs of the ladder and reached out to grab a rung above him. He stated at this time that it strained his arm when catching himself. The night rig manager was close to the employee when this happened. Adam said he had strained this arm 9 months ago. Adam has been a employee for 5 days.

Witness Statement

I was standing outside the cellar but didn't realize Adam had slipped and caught himself with his left arm.

Drug Testno
Injury Locationarm
Proper PPEYes
Contributing Factorsrain made ladder wet.
Notification Timelinenotified immediately
Corrective ActionSlow down and ensure proper footing
Supervisor Phone(304) 539-8276
Supervisor EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Supervisor NameAnthony Honaker
HSE NameMike Lawrence
Supervisor Office Phone(000) 000-0000
HSE Phone(304) 542-8238
HSE Office Phone(000) 000-0000
Comp. Man NameJamie Czerneski
Comp. Man EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
HSE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Comp. Man Office Phone(000) 000-0000
Comp. Man Phone(724) 705-5435
NNE NameJay Hewitt
NNE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
NNE Phone(304) 382-1825
NNE Office Phone(000) 000-0000
NNE HSE NameAndy Travis
NNE HSE Office Phone(304) 212-0415
NNE HSE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
NNE HSE Number(304) 951-0909
Date UpdatedMarch 18, 2021
Approval StatusUnapproved
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