Report DateSeptember 13, 2019
Injury Date09/13/2019
Injury Time09:30 AM
CountryUnited States
LatitudeN 39-39-09.20
LongitudeW 80-12-38.22
911 AddressCounty Route 25/3 Yank Hollow Road
Weather83º Sunny
Well NumberN/A
Well LeaseCummins
Well FieldBlacksville
Personnel/Witness NameDonny Klause
PositionCrane Operator
Years With Company3
Days Into Hitch4
CompanyComplete Energy Services
Personnel/Wittness Phone(724) 531-2010
Years In Oil/Gas10

Move crane into position to pick up a load.

Witness NameScott McDonald

Crane moved int position to pick up a load without a spotter. When into position the operator swung crane to the right and struck a parked vehicle with the left corner of it's counter weight.

Witness Statement

Could hear the crane hit the truck and then seen the Damage.

Contributing FactorsOperator did not use a spotter as per policy.
Notification Timeline25 min
Corrective Actionreview policy regarding crane use
Supervisor NameTom Phillips
Supervisor Phone(740) 891-8251
Supervisor EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Supervisor Office Phone(304) 368-1384
HSE NameBrent Phillips
HSE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
HSE Phone(740) 502-1218
HSE Office Phone(304) 368-1384
Comp. Man Phone(719) 459-2067
Comp. Man EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Comp. Man Office Phone(719) 459-2067
Comp. Man NameTroy Hamidi
NNE NameJosh Dalton
NNE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
NNE Office Phone(304) 212-0415
NNE Phone(724) 825-6859
NNE HSE NameAndy Travis
NNE HSE Office Phone(304) 212-0415
NNE HSE Number(304) 951-0909
NNE HSE EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Employee That Submitted ReportTroy Hamidi
Date UpdatedMarch 18, 2021
Approval StatusUnapproved
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