Report DateMarch 28, 2018
Injury Date04/09/2017
Injury Time08:00 PM
CountryUnited States
Well FieldBlacksville

At approximately 1600 PM on 4/9/17, Best Line Equipment rentals was delivering a tele-handler to the Kassay Pad. The driver, Justin, had lowered his drop trailer and unloaded the tele-handler. Justin then attempted to raise his drop trailer. He then noticed the trailer was not working and had released approximately 15-20 gallons of hydraulic fluid onto the Kassay pad. The roustabout also noticed it at the same time and put a duck pond under the trailer. The roustabout continued to contain the hydraulic fluid and the driver reported it to me. We immediately contained with peat moss and began to dig up the fluid and put it a waste dumpster. We have contacted Max with NGE to evaluate the material and the cleanup. I have attached before pictures and we will follow up with after pictures when we can.

Non- Hazardous Release (Hydraulic oil approximately 15-20 gallons)
73 Degs, Clear and sunny no wind
Was placed in a Waste Container.
Pad was dry at the time of release.

Employee That Submitted ReportAndy Travis
Date UpdatedMarch 18, 2021
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