Report DateMarch 28, 2018
Injury Date11/15/2017
Injury Time09:30 AM
CountryUnited States
Well FieldBlacksville

Ryan Emery from Backwoods Oil & Gas Services, Inc. had to move a light plant from the back of location to the front utiliziing a 12k telehandler. He picked up the light plant with the telehander forks near the back of location. Light plant picked ~2' off the ground. While driving behind the KSW backyard he bumped into Jordan Neville's white F150 with his forks that was parked along the AST containment, damaging the grille and hood. All red zones were in place while equipment was in operation and seat belts were utilized.

Employee That Submitted ReportAndy Travis
Date UpdatedMarch 18, 2021
Approval StatusUnapproved
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