Report DateMarch 28, 2018
Injury Date07/03/2017
Injury Time08:53 PM
CountryUnited States
911 AddressYank Hollow Road Dave Dillie's trailer
Well FieldBlacksville

I received a complaint from Dave Dillie on July 3,2017. He alleges NNE has caused the floor in his trailer to start to wave, He said he checked the frame, where he could access it with the level, but agreed the frame was level. The allegations started that by drilling under it we changed the water table, which then caused the trailer to settle. After further discussion and the talking through the process of drilling, he claimed it was the sand truck traffic beating on the ground that caused the trailer to settle. I told him I would discuss it with the office and we would get back to him. 7-6-2017 I went out to look at the fence that we needed to reinstall and his daughter asked what we had decided on the trailer. I told her the issue was still being discussed and we would get back to them. Mrs, Dillies cell phone #304-692-5613

Employee That Submitted ReportAndy Travis
Date UpdatedMarch 18, 2021
Approval StatusUnapproved
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