Report DateMarch 28, 2018
Injury Date01/14/2018
Injury Time10:45 PM
CountryUnited States
911 AddressPost Frac Move from Campbell Pad to Nine Energy Location
Well FieldBlacksville

On January 14th at 10:45 PM while moving the Nine Energy grease trailer from the Coastal Pad up the steep hill towards the Fisher Pad, a dash light came on in the Nine Energy pickup truck indicating "Transmission Too Hot" and the engine shut off. The truck began coasting backwards downhill with no steering or brakes. The trailer turned and pulled the pickup into the ditch, then came free from the fifth-wheel ball, which parted the safety chains and the break-away latch. The pickup came to a stop in the ditch, while the trailer continued coasting downhill. The trailer remained upright as it rolled backwards and stopped right before the tree line approximately 70 yds from the lease road.

Dustin Merchant was the driver of the Nine Energy pickup. He is a hot shot driver for Nine. He was uninjured, but was taken to the hospital for examination. Dustin also underwent a drug and alcohol test last night and the results were ?negative?.

There were no releases involved with the incident. Damage to the pickup includes body damage, driveshaft and possible hidden damage. Damage to the PCE trailer appears to be minor. The trailer has been towed back to the lease road and inspected carefully. Both the truck and trailer have been removed from NNE property. Nine Energy's investigation is ongoing.

Employee That Submitted ReportAndy Travis
Date UpdatedMarch 18, 2021
Approval StatusUnapproved
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